Cheap Basement Ceiling Ideas for Your Home

Basement is important part in every household. Installing basement ceiling can benefit you in many ways. It will make it possible for you to use the room for usable space such as additional bedroom, playing room, family room and much more. Find out more about the basement ceiling ideas in this article.

Popular Basement Ceilings to Opt

Before determining the best basement ceiling ideas for your home, you need to know about popular option of the ceilings you can pick up.

Suspended Ceiling

Suspended Basement Ceiling Ideas

Suspended Basement Ceiling Ideas

The most popular ceiling for basement is the one with suspended style. You will need to use ceiling tiles and metal frame if you want to hang it from the ceiling joints in your basement. This is the people favorite since this kind of ceiling is really easy to install and quite light in weight.

Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling

Compared to the suspended ceiling, this stretch style which is usually made of chloride membrane is more expensive. But, despite of the higher cost you should pay, this kind of ceiling looks greater. You can install the ceiling flat. You can also stretch the ceiling into a 3D formation to make it looks more wonderful.

Drywall Ceiling

Drywall Ceiling

The next popular basement ceiling is drywall ceiling. This kind of ceiling can be painted so you can match it with the decor of your basement. But this ceiling only has limited access to wire, plumbing and anything else you usually find behind the stuff.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tile is another basement ceiling you can pick. It is very useful especially if you want to control the noise might occur in the basement. This kind of ceiling is very popular with its capability to block noise that might come through from ceiling tiles.

Best Basement Ceiling Ideas with Low Cost for You

To give you basement ceiling ideas with lower cost, here are some tips you can try to do:

HD Wallpaper

The first tip is by using HD wallpaper. This tip is very useful especially if you install drywall ceiling for your basement. This will make the ceiling looks more attractive than before. The HD wallpaper usually comes in roll bout it will instantly look like wallpaper once you install it on your basement. This will help you to save money since you don’t have to for new tiles or panels.

Sheet Paneling

The next tip you can try to apply is sheet paneling. This will be fit the most for unfinished basement ceiling and you need extra cost to upgrade it. This will be the best choice especially if you put much concern on the way how your basement will look like.

Tin Tiles

Tin tile is one the chap basement ceiling ideas you can try. It will be the best choice if you to upgrade your basement design and make look more gorgeous. The nicest thing about picking up this tin tile is that it looks really real and thick and no one will realize that it is actually thin unless they touch it.