6 Bathroom Light Fixtures to Fit with Your Theme

Bathroom Light Fixtures ~ Lighting, as part of a home, is a key component that has many possibilities for designing. Not only for your main place such as bedroom, family’s room, but also for your bathroom. It’s a ‘yes’, if the question is ‘can the bathroom light fixtures give an impact on your place?’

And the designing itself is a matter of knowing your taste, developing your ideas, and considering your budget. You must know at first which theme you want to apply. After that, sketch your ideas whether it’s in your head or papers. And, of course, estimate your budget.

Now, check out these bathroom light fixtures for inspirations.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style bathroom lighting

This idea could embrace the colors and bring an elegant minimalist touch to your bathroom. Its nuance is perfectly fine and fits with your modern way of life. The half-round shades are designed to simplify the theme of your bathroom. With a little of adjustment to your wall and ceiling, it’s going to be magnificent!

Rectangular Rustic Chandelier

Bathroom Rectangular Rustic

Somehow, you just want to make your bathroom looks artsy without putting much effort into it. The solution for you is this industrial bathroom light fixtures with the design of 5 bulbs in clear glasses. Besides, the three-dimensional rectangular frame that flanks them bring a rustic touch.

Cylinder Glass Wall Sconce

Bathroom Cylinder Glass

In your time watching old aged movies, you may see the sconces used in castles or houses a long time ago seem interesting. Well, actually, this day, you can also place the same version in your place. This bathroom light fixture contains a clear bulb inside a cylinder glass, paired with a casual modern sconce. The aged bronze finish leaves you a vintage nuance, just like in the movies.

Rustic Wrapped Chandelier

This gorgeous chandelier will bring you to the past when people are still using the old-fashioned equipment. It has a base for candle-styled-bulbs, flanked with rods that wrapped with four jute ropes, giving this chandelier authentic looks. This iron-made fixtures will fit with the country or farmhouse theme of your bathroom.

Brass Pivoting Wall Sconce

The wall sconce is crafted with an iron black powder coat finish and an antique brass shade that is also adjustable. Together with its pivoting arm, this bathroom light fixtures bring a mid-century wall sconce design. It can reach many dark corners in your restroom simply by adjusting the shade. At last, the nuance it brings is noticeably semi-modern.

The Minimalist Wide-Shade Light Fixture

Most of the times, the fixtures we’re using can’t reach many corners that need lights. But, this aluminum gooseneck fixture can lighten your bathroom evenly with its wide shade. An elegant style would properly create a luxurious feel, and the design itself would match and fit with many bathroom themes, including farmhouse or modern.

For a reminder, you always can customize the style for your bathroom, but, it’s also important to keep the basic necessities well-cared, including the lighting. Regardless of your selection with the themes of the bathroom, pay attention to the light fixtures on the decoration.