4 Bathroom Tile Ideas : Let’s See How These Give You a Beautiful Looking

Bathroom Tile Ideas ~ We can say that the background part of an object contributes to aesthetical value. In a bathroom, that’s what we can see from the tiles. But, that part often doesn’t get enough attention from us. Working on some bathroom tile ideas just sounds useless on many levels. But is it?

Your bathroom is a part of your house, and the space should be well-cared. Back to the question: how turn those tiles into something good looking? Well, do your reading. These following bathroom tile ideas could give you some help.

Make You Bathroom Looks Vibrant with Colorful Tiles

Pixel bathroom Tiles

People are getting tired with gloomy monochrome tone on their bathroom. Somehow, changing the theme can make it more colorful and bring a new fresh atmosphere. For that, you can work on from the background, the tiles.
Do a small adjustment by installing more colors, make the tiles in a pattern or let them be a beautiful mess. The impression afterward is very noticeable: the bright theme would make your bathroom far less grim.

Chess Board Bathroom Tiles

Chess Board Bathroom Tiles

If the colorful tiles are too rosy while you’re a person who prefers minimalist colors, it’s perfectly fine. You still can beautify your restroom without making it too shinny. The idea is to place an extra big chess board there. A metaphor, of course, because what you are really going to do is arranging the tiles with only two colors: black and white. Put the white and cross it with black till your wall and floor look like a big chess board.

Pixel-Drawing the Tiles

Bathroom Ideas with Colorful Tiles

Remember those classic PlayStation games in the late 90s? We saw our characters were moved with an ancient low pixel technology. Then, there are people who immortalize their childhood with an adaptation the outdated style into anything.
You can do the same with the tiles on your restroom. First, decide what pictures you’re going to draw, such as Super Mario or Pokémon. After that, find the pixel sketch for your option on the internet, and prepare your tiles with exact colors as your blueprint. Later, start the installation.

Color Palette Tiles Ideas

Bathroom Color Palette Tiles Ideas

If you love drawing using canvas or computer software, it means you’re familiar with color palette. It’s like an arrangement of the colors on their basics. They exactly look like a huge spectrum of rainbow, and somehow, it’s kind of beautiful. You can adapt them to your bathroom theme. But, considering the pallet has many colors to put, the cost you need to spend is also higher. If you can afford it, you can start adjusting the tiles to make them fit with your restroom dimension. Afterward, place the tiles one by one according to the palette. You’ll be amazed at the result!

Tiles may not seem like a big deal. But, in decorations, even the smallest thing shouldn’t pass by your attention. No matter what, put effort into executing those bathroom tile ideas could give you a good impression!