4 Magnificent Ideas of DIY Pallet Garden for Small Yard

Diy Pallet Garden – In these modern and crowded days, it is so lucky if you have large front or backyard for planting. Sure, the more plants around can just make the atmosphere more beautiful and refreshing. Besides, believe it or not, you can just help your environment to be friendlier despite all the problems of pollutions and global warming. But if in fact your yard is small enough, it is not bad news since there are many other ideas to apply. One of them is the pallet garden. Some pallet garden can even be made by you like the examples below.

Horizontal Pallet Garden for Living Wall

Horizontal Pallet Garden

Have you ever thought to grow certain plants that are quite high? It is actually not a big deal since some plants, flowers, and fruits can just be grown up in the pots. However, it means that you can just only grow a plant only for single plant and then it is put next to the wall. Adapting from this idea, horizontal pallet garden can just be applied to enable you to grow some plants at once. It is particularly if you want such a bushy look. It is not bad to choose some different plants at once as long as they don’t kill each other. Meanwhile, they should also be friendly to your wall. This is basically like the art of plants arrangement but they are living.

Vertical Pallet Garden for Small Plants

Vertical Pallet Garden

This one is in contrast with the idea mentioned before. The garden pallet is not only put on the floor next to the wall but it is indeed hung on the wall. It is likely you make a shelf but for the plants. In this idea, you cannot grow big or even medium-sized plants. The tiny plants are better like vegetables and herbs. Make sure to arrange the plants beautifully on this DIY pallet garden so that it can just be functioned to make the yard look more aesthetics.

Bushy Vertical Pallet Garden

Bushy Vertical Pallet Garden

Many kinds of pallet garden are placed on the corner or the edge of your yard. So, why don’t you try this one? Yes, the pallet garden sometimes looks great to be placed on the middle of garden without any wall to be lean on. Interestingly, this idea can just add the bushy look in any sides; front, behind, right, and left. Bushy vertical pallet garden is really similar to the pallet garden for living wall as you can arrange some plants and flowers at once. Just put it in the right place to make it look more stunning.

Stair-Like Pallet Garden

Stair-Like Pallet Garden

Still related to the vertical pallet garden, but here is the difference. You may put it in sloping way just like the staircase at home. Then, the plants are grown following the slope. This idea gives some benefits. Make sure to consider well the angle of the slope to avoid the soil becoming trimmed down. Not only for one certain plant, is it ideal also to plant some plants at once in this DIY pallet garden.