4 Cool DIY Screen Door Ideas for Home Frontline

DIY Screen Door Ideas – For many reasons screen door is considered as more appropriate for the frontline of your home. It is mainly if the door is connected to the hallway rather than the living room. The hallway doesn’t need to be too large for sure. Therefore, you don’t need any big door to match it. To realize this matter, you may prefer buying the screen door rather than making it by yourself. It is for the practicality matter in general. But if you are interested to make your own screen door, some cool ideas below are worth to try.

Recycled Screen Door from Shipping Container

Home Shipping Container Door

Shipping container is common to be offered with affordable price especially the unused ones. Of course, you can just take advantage of it. Although it slightly looks coarse, the screen door from shipping container can be really unique. It is particularly if you are fascinated to apply the industrial design. How is to make it? It is so easy. Just cut off the contained with the size of the door. To make it wider and more solid, you can put some layers together. Another idea is by using other materials for layer like wood. You can add some details for making it look more artistic. Retouch it depending on your taste whether you prefer the modern or classic style.

Wooden Screen Door

Wooden Screen Door

This idea must be the most common one around. But by creating it yourself, it seems you can make a kind of screen door that is different from the others. As an example, here is the rustic screen door. It is so easy to make as you only need to chop the wood into some pieces and then arrange them together to form a bigger screen. If the wood is coarse and not smooth, you don’t need to smooth it to deepen the sense of rustic. It only needs to be varnished as the finishing.

Glass Screen Door

Glass Sliding Door With Screen

The principle is actually still the same with other ideas mentioned above. But since it is glass, it seems you need to be really careful. Make sure to provide a special cutter for the glass for the neater look. Meanwhile, this glass door cannot stand by itself. You still need to prepare some other materials like wood or bamboo for the frame. If your home applies the modern and contemporary style, the glass screen door is undeniably the best idea to apply.

Decorate your old door

Screen Door Remodels

Your old screen door is probably not that bad. Yes, it is just old and not interesting to see anymore. So, why don’t you just adorn it rather than buying the new one? The easiest way is of course by painting and furnishing it. However, there are still some other ways you can follow. One of them is covering it with the aluminum plate manufacturer. Make sure to buy one which is anti-scratching and resistant toward high temperature. Similar to the glass screen door, this decoration is to bring the sense of modern and futuristic. So, which one of those DIY screen door ideas you like the most?