Step By Step Simple DIY Desk For Your Amazing Home Office

Simple DIY Desk ~ When you decide to start working from home, this is time to start considering building a diy desk. Working from home, you don’t really need to build s specific home office. It is too expensive and your house may be too small to accommodate it. What you need is a dedicated space where with a comfortable work desk and chair. An ergonomic and comfortable desk is very important and it must be able to accommodate the type of work you will be doing. But a new office desk can be quite expensive. You can save a significant amount of money while also unleash your inner craftsmen by building your own working desk at home.

Building a desk isn’t as complicated as it seems. The steps you need to follow are:

Prepare materials and tools

desk ideas for home office The main materials you need for diy desk would be pieces of wood. Wooden boards would be a better option since it is ready to cut and to assemble. The type of wood to choose would be your preference. Other materials are the nails and varnish or paint.

The main tools you need will be the milter saw to cut the wood. It would be highly recommended to have nail guns than only using the hammer. Sandpaper is also important tools. In case you want to apply varnish or paint, you will also need to prepare the proper brush.

Design the Desk

corner desk with bookshelves

Design the desk based on your needs and preference. There are many simple designs you can find online or you can also find on many woodworking books or magazines. One simple wooden desk design will only need one piece of 1x12x8 board and two pieces of each 2x3x8 and 1x4x8 boards. The first one will be the desk top while the other pieces will be used to make the legs, bracing, and skirting.

Draw the pattern on to the board surface as cutting guideline. The main parts are four legs and the rest are parts of bracing and skirting. The dimension of each part would be based on the design you made.

Cut the boards and create the parts

basic office desk

With the saw, cut the boards based on the pattern as guideline. Make sure the four leg parts have precisely similar heights, approx. 29 inches. Don’t forget to cut the boards to make the bracings and skirtings based on the design. What you need are two 17 inch side skirtings and two 43 inch parts for front and back skirtings

Assemble the parts

corner computer desk

First, take two leg parts and attach them of each end side of a skirting piece. Do the same to the other legs and side skirting pieces. Those two leg parts are then attached on each end side of the back skirting and the front skirting also attached on the opposite side. The last part is the top side. Just place on the top and attached it properly.

After completed all steps above, you basically already have a diy desk properly built. It is already suitable to use. However, you may want to add finishing for the desk like apply the varnish or paint the desk based on your own preference.