4 Small Backyard Ideas to Save the Space More

Small Backyard Ideas ~ Have you ever wondered to realize such dashing small backyard ideas? It is a common assumption indeed that we can do nothing with only small yard. Of course, it is not right. Undeniably, the number of plants to be grown up is probably limited. However, if you are able to arrange it in a good way, it can even look more heavenly than the big garden. So, if you have a plan to do something with your small backyard in this near future, some ideas below are great to follow.

Vertical Garden

Small Backyard With Vertical Garden

For many reasons, vertical garden is smart design whether your backyard is small or big. Particularly for the small one, of course, it gives one more benefit; saving space. There are some media you can use for this kind of plantation. The easiest one is by making vertical pallet garden. Besides, there are many plants that can be simply grown in the wall without damage it. Some of them are Boston fern, Lipstick plant, purple waffle plant, limelight, and petunia. For the best look, determine and design the concept at first whether it is green vertical or the colorful one. Then, the types of plant to grow can be based on this main concept.

Growing Some Plants in One Spot

Awesome Small Garden

Traditionally, for every single plant, it needs one spot whether it is just be planted on the soil or placed in a pot. It is not bad for sure but it will spend so much space. So, why don’t you grow some plants at once in one spot? Technically, it is like when you arrange some flowers and leaves in one vase or bouquet but this one is living. In the world of agriculture, this technique is also namely Polyculture. But you must be careful since not all plants are good for this planting mode. Vegetables and herbs are the most recommended for this idea like chili with tomato plants or tomato with mustard.


Hydrophonic For Smart Garden

This is another way to grow plants without using soil. Well, for the small backyard ideas, it is really helpful to save the space. So, how is it? It is using water as the main media. Of course, there are some tools and equipments to be provided to let the plants grow well. Similar to the Polyculture, Some vegetables and fruits are necessary to be planted using this technique including cucumber, tomato, melon, eggplant, and more. If you notice well, those fruits are not only advantageous but also looking nice as long as you know how to arrange them properly.

Is furniture necessary?

Simple Furniture For Small Backyard

Garden is not only a place for planting. It is reasonable if you may want to relax and take a rest there. So, whether it is big or small, it is necessary to put furniture there. Certainly, for small backyard, the furniture place must be small and minimalist. Simple design is even more recommended since it can just make your garden less cramped. When there is still remaining space, a small pond is great to be added in these small backyard ideas.