4 Best Small Kitchen Ideas To Complete Your Interior Design

Small Kitchen Ideas ~ If your house is a living body, then the kitchen could be its heart. Your morning starts from there, with breakfast prep and lunch. Or, in your late-night working, you may wander alone to make a cup of coffee. Every aspect of your life revolves around your house, where kitchen is an essential element. However, these days most houses have only small space for the kitchen. Not that it becomes a problem because you can work on small kitchen ideas.

At first, of course, you need to keep the kitchen clean. That’s okay if it’s kind of messy, but a dirty kitchen can impact any meals you prepared from there. Then, after making sure that yours is clean enough, what you got to do next is being aware of how it looks. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to makeover your kitchen.

Stabile Black and White Minimalist

Black and White Kitchen

Appliances are undoubtedly taking more spaces in your kitchen. The spaces left from that could look even smaller when the kitchen theme is too filled with colors. To make it look less cramped, you need to fill your kitchen with basic black and white colors, from the wall, or even the furnishing.

Keep simple-designed refrigerator, floating shelves, and easy plain cabinet next to the sink. Throw away anything you find unnecessary and stealing space, so you have some more space for mini neat dining shelf.

Sepia Outmoded Small Kitchen

Sepia Outmoded Small Kitchen

This old-fashioned kind of small kitchen ideas shows the neutral color palette with reddish-brown dominating. Give it nostalgic style elements to leave an authentic feel. Every detail on its farmhouse touch will bring a throwback sensation.

Make it vintage with wooden cabinet and copper-made kitchenware. The installation of ceramic metro tiles on the wall will also match with the theme. Next, to the window, you can hang a shelf and on an empty space of it, simply place a pot of green plant.

Semi-Modern Parisian Tiny Kitchen

Parisian Tiny Kitchen

It’’s brighter with windows installation that allows sunlight infiltrating through.

To give it a minimalist touch, arrange the floor tiles in pattern with a light of white or gray color. Place a low coffee table with wooden chairs next to a metallic tinted tall cabinet. Avoid any kind of hanging object except for a single poster or painting on the wall.

Well Organized Mini Kitchen with More Shelves

Mini Kitchen Decor Ideas

If you have plenty of kitchenware, having small kitchen space could be a problem. It’s only capable to accommodate for basic kitchen stuffs, like cabinet, sink, or maybe a small table. At the same time, putting those sets outside of the room could make your kitchen-related-activities inefficient. For those neat freaks, the right small kitchen ideas could help with orderliness.

There are methods to arrange your storages to make it clean and neat. Use the empty walls for shelves, so you can put your cooking spices or coffee and tea on it. Also, optimize the spaces next to your cabinet or sink by placing a narrow tall rack. You can also use industrial-style trolley to add more storage.

Hopefully one of these small kitchen ideas could inspire you. Simply follow them, and don’t forget that you always can break the rules. After all, your creativity is the troubleshooter for solving small space problem on your kitchen.

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