Smart And Exciting Toy Storage Ideas For Comfy Kids Room

Toy Storage Ideas ~ Every parent of little kid knows very well that their toys can be really difficult to handle. I bet you have your own miserable stories like how painful it is when you step on a lego brick or mini plastic toy soldier. Kids have a lot of toys that could occupy many spaces at your house. It is very important to get those toys organized to save spaces and also to make sure those toys won’t get broken or loss.

With different types of toys your kids have, and it can be even more varied when you have multiple kids with different gender, there will be multiple numbers and types of toy storage needed. But you will be surprised to learn about these toy storage ideas utilizing common products you already have at home or products you can buy from local stores at very affordable price. So, here are the brilliant ideas:

Shoe Organizer for Toys Storage and Display

Shoe Racks For Toy Storage

The humble and simple fabric shoe organizer can an easy yet effective solution for toy storage. The organizer has many pockets to make it ideal to store and organize different toys like stuffed dolls, barbies, toy guns, and everything practically fits into the pocket. Hang the organizer on the door or on the wall at the kid’s room for easy access. You can use old shoe organizer or buy a new one.

Bean Bag Storage

Bean Bag Toys Storage

It is more likely you have at least one bean bag at home. No surprise because kids love bean bag very much. The same bean bag can be one of smart toy storage ideas for stuffed animals and stuffed dolls. It is very simple and easy. Open the bean bag and remove the foam beads from the inside. Sew a zipper on the seam of the bean bag cover to make it easier to open and close. Now you can fill the bean bag with stuffed animals and dolls to replace the foam beads. Voila! You have a perfect stuffed toys organizer and the best part is the bean bag is still functional.

Matchbox Cars Display

Matchbox Cars Toys Storage

I believe you really aware how dangerous it can be when you step on matchbox cars on the floor. There’s big possibility your kid has not only one but many matchbox cars and let’s admit, this type of toys are not easy to manage. Rather just throwing them into a box, it would be better to display those tiny cars.

The first idea is making a wall garage out of wooden shoe rack. Disassemble the shoe rack and discard the legs. Take the slated rack and mount it on the wall and the wall garage is ready for the matchbox cars.

Second idea is even fancier. Use the magnetic knife racks mounted on the wall to make a magnetic toy racks. Not only it would be suitable to store and display matchbox cars but also any tiny toy made from metal.

Rain Gutter Shelves

Shelves Toys Storage

Got surplus rain gutter parts from gutter repair? That’s another source for toy storage ideas. Turn it into a shelf for kid’s books and toys. Paint the rain gutter parts, assemble them to form several L shaped shelves and mount them on the wall corner at the kid’s room. The shelves would be ideal to display and store books and various toys.