5 Awesome White Kitchen Cabinets to Make Your Kitchen Looks Bigger Than It Should Be

You can never overtake the importance of kitchen cabinets, for it is useful to keep many cooking equipment and spices, and additionally, keep the kitchen organized. White kitchen cabinets always be the most chosen cabinets color especially those who have a tiny kitchen.

However, you have to choose the white cabinet ideas wisely so that your kitchen will not look so boring and flat. You do not have to buy some expensive white kitchen cabinets because some low-cost white kitchen cabinets are also unique and can be applied to your tiny kitchen. So, here are white kitchen cabinets ideas that will turn your kitchen into wonderful and chic place:

A Space Illusion with Mirrors on The Kitchen Cabinet’s Door

White Kitchen With Mirrors Cabinet’s Door

White Kitchen With Mirrors Cabinet’s Door

This is the trick commonly used in the 19th century of Brooklyn home to make the space-illusion so that the kitchen will look wider. The white cabinets combined with the mirrors on rectangle shape in the doors, and the countertops come with granite to give more antique and traditional look. Jonathan Berger designs this white kitchen cabinet for a tiny small-town house in the Brooklyn, that is why it looks traditional yet modern at the same time.

Neo-Classical White Cabinets That is So Vintage

Neo-Classical White Kitchen Cabinets

Neo-Classical White Kitchen Cabinets

Neo-classical always give an antique ambiance, but with modern touch and function, just like this white kitchen cabinet. With the use of wood element as the material of the cabinets and the dull-white color to cover it, the cabinets look so vintage and artsy as well. These neo-classical cabinets are so universal since it can be applied either on a wide or small kitchen.

A Luxurious White Cabinets with Curved Glass Touch to Enriches Your Tiny Kitchen

Curved Glass White Cabinets

If you want your kitchen to look more luxurious and modern, you can choose the white kitchen cabinets combined with curved glass accent on the door. The curved glass will give a space-illusion that make your cabinet looks wider. To balance the style, pick the simple cabinets pulls and do not give too much accent on it. However, remember that you have to clean the cabinet regularly. Otherwise, the dirt can be seen from that curved glass and will make the kitchen seems dirty.

A Simple and Tidy White kitchen cabinets with Diamond-Shaped Wire Mesh

Diamond-Shaped Wire Mesh kitchen Cabinet

If you have children, it is quite dangerous to have a glass door since they can break it accidentally while playing. Thus, wire mesh is a good choice. Not only difficult to break, but the wire mesh can also make your kitchen looks more organized and it is a good combination for your white kitchen cabinet. To make it look interesting, pick the wire mesh with the diamond shape, and give a pot of artificial flower beside it.

The Natural Wood’s Imperfection That Makes a Perfect Look

Natural Oaks For White Kitchen Cabinet

The furniture with old and natural wood accent nowadays becomes a new trend and can give a rustic and homey look. That is why people love the distressed wood as the main material for making their furniture, including the cabinet.

In the kitchen design made by Ken Fulk, not only the white kitchen cabinet that uses the distressed wood, but also the refrigerator door! It is such a good way combine modern and traditional looks.

Besides it neutrality, the white kitchen cabinets also can reflect the natural light from the window. So, it will make your kitchen family-friendly, and you can cook many good foods there.